A little bit about Geekcycled

We’re all a bit geeky about something… whether it’s Science, books, comic books or music, we all have something we are passionate about, something we like to ‘geek out’ over. ‘Geekcycled’ is about producing homeware / accessories that appeal to the geeky part of your personality. 


‘Geekcycled’ is the brainchild of Jenny and Martyn- a teacher and an ex-teacher from Liverpool. We both grew up knowing that we were quite geeky so were really happy a few years ago when the word ‘geek-chic’ came into vogue and we realised that we were in fashion! Anyway, I (Martyn) am a Science geek and love historical novels whilst Jenny loves classic literature, music and has a growing admiration for She-Hulk! We also both love cult films and TV, and superheroes!


We are also quite passionate about the environment so often our products will include recycled/upcycled elements. We also try to help the environment by shredding leftover paper (either newspaper or paper leftover from the crafting process) to add extra protection to our more fragile creations.


If you see an item you like but you’d like it in a different style/with a different character please convo us and we’ll see what we can do for you!

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