Chemical Symbol Necklaces -  Laser Cut

Chemical Symbol Necklaces - Laser Cut

All our cufflinks are created from hand picked elements of original textbooks.  A set may include a section of the radioactive decay of Barium, the image of a Ptersaurs head or part of the periodic table.  The scientific world is full of interesting things. All the images are chosen for their visual impact, as an illustration or as a piece of the text.

So what ever your preferences, we will create a set of cufflinks to fit your scientific passion.

- Why not have a set showing part of a circuit board or your favourite elements.

- An image of T.Rex and a portion of text about him.

- A special wedding set with the happy couple initials from the periodic table.

All our cufflinks come in hand decoupaged boxes to match the subject of the cufflinks.

Please note that these products are created from recycled/ upcycled comics, textbooks, sheet music etc. We are not licensed or endorsed by any publishing companies. All artwork remains the intellectual property of the original authors and artists.
  • Details

    Our cufflinks are created from original pieces of science textbooks sealed beneath resin or glass. Each cufflink measures approx 16mm x 16mm, the base and swivel back is silver plated.

    Each set of cuffinks comes in a stamped geekcycled box.