Comic Cufflinks

Comic Cufflinks

These cufflinks are created from original comic book images which have been hand selected for their visual impact and their iconic nature.  Why not tell us who your favourite hero, villian or side-kick is and we'll make you a pair to fit to your taste.

So whether you want the bat-sign and a picture of the Caped Crusader or a hero and villian combo such as Superman and Luthor, please feel free to contact us with your requests.

Please note that these products are created from recycled/ upcycled comics, textbooks, sheet music etc. We are not licensed or endorsed by Marvel/DC comics etc. All artwork remains the intellectual property of the original artists.

All our items are custom made for you, therefore there is a production time of two weeks - this excludes shipping time. We always try to be quicker - but please remember it could take two weeks.
  • Details

    Our cufflinks are created from pieces of original comic etc which is sealed beneath resin or glass. Each cufflink measures approx 16mm x 16mm, the base and swivel is silver plated.

    Each set of cuffinks comes in a stamped geekcycled box.