Football Crest Cufflinks

Football Crest Cufflinks

These cufflinks are designed as a subtle hint to the football club you support.  Currently we have only Liverpool and Everton FC, we are a Liverpool based business.  Both sets of cufflinks have been designed to reflect the logos of the teams.

So whether you are a red or a blue, treat yourself to a set of cufflinks.

Please note that all these items are created using my own original artwork. All artwork remains the intellectual property of the original artists.

We have a small stock of each football crest. All our items are custom made for you, therefore there is a production time of two weeks - this excludes shipping time. We always try to be quicker - but please remember it could take two weeks.
  • Details

    Our laser cut cufflinks are created from Birch ply timber. Each cufflink measures approx 17mm x 17mm, the swivel back is silver plated.

    Each set of cuffinks comes in a stamped geekcycled box.