Kryptonite necklace

Kryptonite necklace

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to jump tall buildings in a single bound.  Superman is the Kryptonian who gains his superpowers from the Earth's sun.  Unfortunately even Superhero has an Achilles heel, in his case - Kryptonite.

This necklace is created around the inspiration of the radioactive ore - it comes it different colours with different effects on the Man of Steel.

Currently we only have the classic Green Kryptonite available - which will weaken Superman (or other Kryptonians). Don't worry too much, prolonged exposure allows you to build up a resistance to it's effects.

Created to mimic the angular nature of a geode/crystal form of many minerals, this stylish necklace comes on a 16 inch necklace as standard. But for a small surcharge we can give you a slightly longer chain.

Each necklace comes in a special Geekcycled presentation box.