Laser Cut Comic Cufflinks - Batman

Laser Cut Comic Cufflinks - Batman

Are you a business man with a side line in crime fighting?  Don't worry if you're not the caped crusader - have a pair of Batman themed cufflinks.  Using a Bat symbol, these cufflinks are laser cut from wooden ply.  The wood is varnished/lacquered to make it more weather proof.  Each cufflink is laser cut in Liverpool and presented in a specially branded Geekcycled presentation box.  We also have Avengers and Superman themed cufflinks and other superhero themed cufflinks are in the design stage.

Due to the use of wood there may be colour differences between items to those pictured due to natural variations in the timber being used.

Each cufflink set comes in a Geekcycled branded giftbox, with padded bottom and bungy cords to keep the cufflinks safely held in place.

Please note that all these items are created using my own original artwork. All artwork remains the intellectual property of the original artists.

  • Details

    Each set of cufflinks uses birch wood for the design, the metal swivel is made of nickel and lead free metal, which is silver plated.

    Each design measures approx 16mm in height and length.