Sigil badges

Sigil badges

Show your support for your favourite Westerosi House.  So whether you feel you should be sitting the Driftwood Throne on Pyke, be a King in the North or want to be in Kings Landing getting yourself into the Iron Throne these could be the product for you.

Currently available in Stark, Lannister or Greyjoy sigils, why not get one for the Thrones fan in your life or treat yourself. Other houses will be coming soon.

Each page is laser cut from natural wood, due to the natural nature of this material there may be colour differences between items.

Please see our other laser cut pendants.
  • Details

    All the badges are made from wood, as this is a natural product there may be differences in the colour and grain of the product you receive.

    Each badge measures approximately 2.5 cm in both width and height, the Direwolf measures 3.5 cm in width due to his muzzle.